New open load and parts

A couple of new items have been added to the Resin Car Works product line. All are 3D printed for maximum accuracy and ease of installation.

A new HO scale transformer load leads the way for your empty flat cars or gondolas. These transformers were seen in many train consists.

The 3D parts supply material for six transformers. Insulators, blocking and tie-down details are supplied by the modeler. More details and a Shapeways purchase link can be found on the Resin Car Works Scenery Stuff page.

The other new items are HO scale 3D printed freight car detail parts.

50 Klasing ratchet handbrake parts are in one print.

These Klasing ratchet hand brakes were often installed on drop end mill gondolas.

48 Preco fan plate parts are in one print.

Preco fan plates are a common detail on ice bunker reefers. The hardware came into use on ART reefers in 1946. PFE began using them on new R-40-26 reefers in 1951. A tread on the car wheel transmitted power to an alternator that operated blowers under the floor racks near each end bulkhead.

Details on the Klasing ratchet hand brake, Preco fan plates, and Shapeways purchase links can be found on the Resin Car Works Decals & Parts page.

The RCW minions have been socially distant since we began producing kits. They are staying busy working on new projects. We have more coming soon!

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5 thoughts on “New open load and parts

  1. Hi Frank Seeing the reefer parts as a neat addition to your line. Wouldn’t a heater unit to hang under the car be another ? To me that is a missing detail I’ve always wondered about . Maybe because when thinking reefer you think cold not heat. Regardless, please keep up the additions. Regards

  2. All of these new parts will be useful. One comment/question about the Preco fan plates. The text of the announcement correctly notes that these were used on cars with electric fans driven by an alternator–the plates replaced the fan drive shaft ends on cars with “mechanical” fans. But I believe the electric fans (unlike the mechanical ones) were at the top, not the bottom, of the bunkers. Would like to hear from a refrigerator car expert if that’s wrong.

  3. I really like the transformers and the supporting material that will make modeling these fairly easy.
    I posted a link to the transformer topic on my Model Railroads of Southern California group. One of my members commented,
    “I would expect to see at least a pair of smaller secondary insulators. Presumably those would also be on top since these appear to be appropriate for substation use.”

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