Archer surface detail decals

Bill Welch has created a PDF tutorial to help modelers use the Archer surface detail decals. It’s an eight page PDF with high quality photos to illustrate Bill’s techniques. The lead image shows part of Bills work. The document is available to download on the Resin Car Works blog Helpful Links page. Don’t forget to download the Resin freight car kit primer while you are there.

In other news, Resin Car Works now owns the domain. Jim Hayes created and hosted the original site but he felt it was time for it to move to a new home. Unfortunately, the website structure did not transfer. All the files are at hand but the site is being rebuilt listing the kits by road name in alphabetical order.

Here’s a sample image of a data table for the new site. There will be links to PDF files of the kit flyer and the prototype data sheets. The site will include PDF files listing the kits in kit number order. Many Sunshine kit releases covered a few variations and also different railroad that rostered the same, or similar, prototypes. It took 90 minutes to enter the data for kit numbers 15 through 17.

We hope to have part of the site up and running soon so there will be some documentation available. The RCW minions thank you for your patience in this matter.

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3 thoughts on “Archer surface detail decals

  1. I hope this is a sign that we’ll see some, if not all of the Sunshine kits released again under the Resin Car Works banner.

    1. Darrall, there might be other RCW kit releases that are upgraded versions of former Sunshine Models kits but it is not a goal to rerelease the line. There are a few issues involved.
      1) Frank doesn’t own all of the masters.
      2) Not all the remaining masters meet today’s quality standards.
      3) Frank has other freight cars he wants to produce.

      Again, there will be occasional releases that are updated versions of older Sunshine Models kits, but reproducing the entire line is not the plan. – Eric H.

  2. Eric…many thanks for all the work you do, and especially with the Sunshine kits listings.

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