New Monon gondola kit and RPM announcements

Resin Car Works announces a new HO scale gondola kit! This is another one-piece car body casting to ease assembly time and effort.

The Monon purchased 300 of these gondolas from Pullman-Standard in September 1948. These followed an 8-post steel floor gondola design similar to the NC&StL car Resin Car Works kit release. These Monon cars were equipped with an improved Dreadnaught end design.

Two kit versions are available to cover a couple of lettering versions. As-built, the cars had C.I.L. reporting marks with a 12-inch high “MONON” applied to the car side. A large “M” in a circle with “The Hoosier Line” motto is covered in one version.

The second version follows the change to the 24-inch tall “MONON” that came about with repaint programs in June 1955. Reporting marks changed from C.I.L. to MON beginning in June 1956.

Stan Townsend model and photo in the as-built lettering

Additional kit details and ordering instructions can be reviewed at the Resin Car Works website.

In other news, registration for the RPM Conference in Naperville, IL, this fall is now open! The event is co-sponsored by the Fox Valley Division of the NMRA and Resin Car Works. The dates are Friday October 27 and Saturday October 28 in the Northern Illinois University (NIU) Conference Center.

Registration details are available on the RPM Conference website. You can download a registration PDF there to send in a check, or there are a couple of PayPal options for electronic registration. The first 100 registrants will receive a special Resin Car Works kit gift.

The first 100 RPM Conference registrants will receive a Resin Car Works gift of the parts in the above photo to modify an HO scale Tichy USRA steel-side rebuild box car kit to follow a Wabash prototype.

Additionally, another set of mini-kit parts is being produced for Jerry Hamsmith’s RPM Conference clinic. These will cover upgrades to produce an Illinois Central 29000-29499 series box car.

As you can see, the Resin Car Works Minions have been busy and there’s more to come! We look forward to seeing you in October.

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  1. I won’t be able to make it. Will you be selling any of the Tichy USRA steel-side rebuild box car kits? If so put me on the list. Thanks…

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