New kit – Boiler load!

Boiler loads
The latest Resin Car Works kit!

Resin Car Works announces a new addition to the Scenery Stuff line! These simple resin kits can enhance a scene on your model railroad. The latest kit represents a boiler load for open top freight cars.

1929 boiler ad.
1929 boiler ad.

The kit is patterned on a Kewanee Type C Smokeless boiler from dimensional data from the Company’s 1929 catalog. These were standard steel heating boilers using a design from a basic patent issued in 1873. They were offered in various types and sizes up to the late fifties.

201605_ boiler_proto1

Each kit contains two boilers and etched brass tie down straps. These are one piece resin castings and will need to be painted before being put into use on your railroad. Modelers must supply their own scale lumber to represent the blocking around the load.

The new kit sells for only $22, plus postage and handling. Photos, kit instructions, order form, and more details can be found on our website.

2 thoughts on “New kit – Boiler load!

  1. Go to and you will find a photo of a string of CB&Q flats loaded with Kewanee Boilers. The photo is different than the one on the RCW web site and you can make out one car number. I remember seeing Kewanee Boilers on flats going east on the Q in the 1960’s. I recall signs on the boiler sides saying “Kewanee Boiler” in red letters. I used MS Word to pick a font and size it “6”. I printed it in red and will put them on the boiler sides when my boiler load order comes in. Regards…Jerry Albin

    1. That’s a neat site, Jerry. Thanks for sharing the link! The historic photos are cool. – Eric

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