New hopper Mini-Kits

Col. Chet McCoid photo courtesy of Bob’s Photo

Resin Car Works has added a couple of new hopper Mini-Kits. These can be used to upgrade an HO scale Atlas offset-side hopper for Frisco and NC&StL prototype cars. These followed the 50-ton AAR standard design and were built by Pullman-Standard.

These Mini-Kits include a decal set and a resin detail parts sheet. Modelers must provide their own HO scale hoppers to modify. The Frisco and NC&StL combos join similar packages for C&EI and MP hoppers. Visit the Kits page on the Resin Car Works website for more information.

Resin Car Works also has a second version of the New York Central offset side hopper Mini-Kit. NYC HM-2 will include a decal set covering the original lettering for NYC, CCC&StL, and Peoria & Eastern hoppers.

Many of these early offset side hoppers would keep their original lettering into the 1930s. Visit the Kits page on the Resin Car Works website (LINK: ) for more information.

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2 thoughts on “New hopper Mini-Kits

  1. Appears to me NYC S412912 has 2 different truck designs in the photo above…….. Or am I not looking at the photo right?

    1. You are correct, Bob! I’ve seen this on a few prototype hoppers. The Western Maryland had a couple with mis-matched trucks in the 1940s. – Eric H.

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