Kit instructions and an update

The instructions and prototype photos for the recent Resin Car Works Mini-Kit 4.01 and 4.02 have been posted on the kit Extras page. We thank you for your patience as these files came together. This latest Mini-Kit has been very popular and the Resin Car Works minions appreciate your support.

Each RCW kit has a separate web page of extra photos and instructions to build your kits. Instructions can be downloaded as PDF files. High quality photos are included in many of the instructions. Older kits that are out of production are listed on a separate kit archive web page. The Extras pages for each RCW kit can be accessed from this archive page.

If you find a bad link or have trouble finding Resin Car Works kit details on our site, please leave a comment here so we can repair the site or point you in the right direction. We want you to build our kits.

Additionally, Resin Car Works now offers replacement 6500 gallon UTLX X-3 tanks for the ones that came with the Sunshine Models kit. The info wasn’t available then that we have today. Frank Hodina did these patterns 20 years ago (the kits were issue in 2003).

The dome in the Sunshine kit is 54-inches in diameter, but it should be 48-inches. The new tank fixes this. Ordering details are on the RCW Kits page.

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