IC hopper kit update!

IC hoppers are available!
IC hoppers are available!

The Illinois Central HO scale hopper car kits are back in production. Thanks for your patience while we ironed out some production difficulties.

If you have kits on order, we’ll be shipping those first. Check out the web page for all the info. These hopper kits are $36 each, plus shipping. Decals are included. Please use the link on the web page to place your order.

And don’t forget our new boiler load and grain bin castings! These have been selling well but won’t be available forever. The boilers are shipped two per kit, while four grain bins are in a kit. More details on our website.

Thanks to all of you have have supported Resin Car Works. We have a great model in the works that many have been requesting. More details soon!


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2 thoughts on “IC hopper kit update!

  1. Hi Frank – will you have those at STL / RPM? As an IC geek, I’m gonna have to try the hopper. And… I want to get a four pack of the grain bins too. Thanks for the good work.
    Lonnie Bathurst
    Litchfield, Illinois

  2. I seem to recall reading the these IC offset hoppers were very similar to hoppers owned by the Lackawanna. Do you know if there’s any truth to that?

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