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Workbench Wednesday

Warren tank car kit

Chief Resin Car Works minion Frank Hodina has been busy finishing off one of the new tank car kits. Sales are picking up and additional lettering schemes will be coming soon. Ordering details can be found on the Kits page of the Resin Car Works site.

As with all Resin Car Works kits a page of prototype info is available to assist your efforts in building the models. PDF instructions are also posted as downloadable files. Here’s the extras page for the latest AC&F Type 27, 8,000-gallon, insulated tank car kits.

This color image has surfaced to help you with the light gray color of the tank. There are few color photos of Warren tank cars. Frank recalls the gray as being a shade off of white. YMMV.

What’s on your workbench?

Workbench Wednesday

Bill Welch (The Xxtreme Modeler) shared images of a recent project. He’s working on an M-K-T War Emergency boxcar. He’s rebuilding the underframe using a Branchline reefer underframe as a starting point.

Styrene rod was installed for the train line with a 3D printed T-connection for the air line connection to the brake valve. The black dots are Archer rivets.

The body is from an Intermountain War Emergency boxcar kit. Bill has been whittling details off of the car body before the roof is glued into place. This will stiffen the box so the floor can be cut out. Eventually, he will shorten the 5/5 Dreadnaught ends.

Photo from the Richard Hendrickson collection.

Bill works from the prototype and is using this image for inspiration. He has not yet decided if the car will be painted boxcar red or Sloan Yellow, which is how they were delivered from the M-K-T shops.

What’s on your workbench?

Workbench Wednesday

Pete Hall shared a couple images of boxcars that have recently been painted and lettered. Here’s Pete with some notes from his workbench.

I’ve been using tiny pieces of decal from the Microscale Data for Diesels – Black and White set # 87-48 to make placards. There are several black-and-white decals intended to be put on the frames of diesels that I am cutting into 3×5 or 4×7 “cards” and attaching to the wood doors or the tack boards of cars. The white background and not-legible black writing looks like what you might see on a card tacked to a car. The car above is not quite finished. It has been decaled but not over sprayed.

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