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FGEX reefer mini-kit update

George Toman sent an update on his Fruit Growers Express reefer project. It’s moving along nicely!

I am finally catching up with spring projects around the house. It’s nice to return to the workbench and work on the FGEX mini-kit from the 2018 Chicagoland RPM Meet. Resin Car Works also released this as Mini-Kit 2.01, which is not currently available. I also have some new weathering products on the bench, too.

I used the following Vallejo acrylic paints from Vallejo on the FGEX reefer.
⦁ 70.8 black gray
⦁ 73.605 German red brown primer
⦁ yellow is a 5:1 mix of 71.033 yellow and 71.001 white

I like to snap a few images after painting to check for defects and I found a couple to correct. In the lead photo, some brown over spray on the roof and sides needs touch up. I see the yellow pealed slightly on the brass Yarmouth Model Works ladder stile. After correcting my goofs, I’ll spray a gloss coat of Pledge/Future on the sides and apply the Speedwitch Media decals.

I was satisfied with the underframe detail and the paint coverage.

After the decals wrap up, I’ll spray on a clear flat coat then try out some new weathering products. I’m looking forward to using these new AK Interactive acrylic weathering pencils.

I also picked up some Mig oil brushers and streaking brushers to experiment. These are oil-based products that have potential.

I’ll follow up soon with a report on these new to me weathering products. The finished FGEX reefer will be on display at the St. Louis RPM in Collinsville, IL, the last weekend of July. I’m presenting a clinic on the mini-kit construction at the 2019 Chicagoland RPM this October.

What’s on your workbench?

5 thoughts on “Workbench Wednesday

    1. Thanks Gene. I found the AK pencils interesting from others as in a video, it shows you can after applying, use a brush with water to create streaking and other weathering effects. I will follow up with the results. Here is a link to their use by AK.


  1. Ever since making note of the board placed through the truss rod turnbuckles in a prototype photo someone posted on this list some 2-3 years ago I’ve noticed that a number of modelers are including that detail in their models as you have on your FGEX reefer, Eric. I’m wondering, however, if the piece yo have used is to represent a narrow
    piece of wood or a metal rod. If the latter would it not have been bent outside of the two outer turnbuckles to prevent it from vibrating outward and either falling on the track and roadbed or snagging something on a parallel track, either of which could cause a serious problem. Just a thought.

    My best, Don Valentine

    1. Don, that’s a good question for George, as it’s his work here. I suspect a board through the turnbuckles could be held in place by one or two turnbuckles turned slightly to act as a clamp. – Eric

    2. Don, that is a good question. I was using some modeling ideas that came from Bill Welch and that I had seen on some narrow gauge equipment years ago. I thought it would be nice to model.
      Perhaps someone else may have a good answer
      George Toman

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