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Diesel Details

Xxtreme Modeler Bill Welch shared notes and images on a couple of diesel detailing projects. Here’s Bill with the scoop.

When it comes to finishing several diesels on my workbench, I am slow, slow, slow because I keep finding more fine details to add, witness the Cannon & Company first generation EMD fan kits.

These are for two Proto2000 (P2K) Clinchfield GP-7 locos I painted and decaled a decade ago. A big help was learning Scalecoat was now offering Clinchfield Grey in their rattle can line, where before I had to use a custom mix from Des Plaines Hobbies. Now I must wait for the paint to dry. Thank you, Dave Hussey!

Having given the rattle can Scalecoat II Clinchfield Grey a solid two weeks to cure, I put together the small assemblies using Tamiya Extra Thin styene cement to secure the domed caps in place. The openings on the P2K loco shells are a little large so care is needed to make sure they are centered. 

Some paint touch up is needed around the larger Dynamic Fan base. Another small improvement was done years ago and visible here. Small holes in the cab roofs were plugged with styrene rod to hide the door hinge rod. 

What’s on your workbench?

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