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Insulated tank car kit update

ACF Industries, Hawkins/Wider/Long collection.

Resin Car Works has added another version of the AC&F Type 27, 8,000-gallon, insulated tank car. This new HO scale freight car kit represents cars built for Shipper’s Car Line and leased to Mathieson Alkali Works. The kit includes decals and a pair of Tahoe Model Works Buckeye A.R.A. 50-ton truck side frames.

Please visit the Kits page on our website for additional details and ordering information.  Additional versions will be announced as decals and parts arrive.

Semi-Scale Coupler Boxes

Resin Car Works announces a new part! These are cast resin, semi-scale coupler boxes designed to work with the Kadee #158 whisker semi-scale coupler. These HO scale parts can be used to upgrade your freight car models. These are the same coupler boxes that were included in the 2017 RPM Chicagoland gift that folks have been asking about.

Check out the Resin Car Works Decals and Parts page for more details and ordering information.

RCW December update

Photo from the Richard Hendrickson Collection.

Here’s news from RCW honcho Frank Hodina.

Resin Car Works is going on hold until the New Year. The holidays are compounding our commitments with family activities and a vacation for a couple of weeks.

We had the best of intentions, but the UTLX Class X kit is a bust! No additional models will be produced. I don’t know what it is about the model, but I just don’t like how it has turned out. If I had known what I know now I would have saved many people a lot of work. I don’t like wasting time. We apologize if you were looking forward to these kits but there have been too many difficulties in the production process and additional product will not be released.

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