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Resin Car Works hopes you are moving model projects forward as we inch through winter. There have been a few additions to the Helpful Links page here on the blog. Dates have been added to a few of the RPM events listed there. A few smaller kit companies are also listed and linked to help you find some neat models and parts.

One change of note is a new web address for Tahoe Model Works. We are now hosting a TMW web page featuring updated product information sheets and the latest order form. Be sure to check out their newest freight car trucks, the limited run Northern Pacific 40-Ton T-Section Andrews trucks. The information sheet includes prototype and model details for proper use of these freight car trucks.

Tony Thompson has a great article on Tank Car Basics in the February 2016 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist. Tony covers many details that help modelers understand more about tank car prototypes. A link for the first part of this article has been added to the Helpful Links page. Another link will be added when part two is published.

Lastly, our friend Ted Culotta of Speedwitch Media has a new blog. Ted brings and interesting perspective to freight car details and it’s often worth a visit. Links to all of these are now a part of our blog. You can always access the Helpful Links page from the tan banner under the title at the top of the blog.

We have a few things rolling along for Resin Car Works. Components and parts are starting to come together for our next kit release. Several friends are helping out so we are dependent upon their schedules with their families and work. We thank you for being patient while these parts all come together.


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