A New Year

Delano, Jack, photographer. [General view of a classification yard at the Chicago and North Western railroad’s Proviso yard, Chicago, Ill]. Dec. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <https://www.loc.gov/item/2017878010/>.
Here we are at the start of another calendar year ready for projects and adventures to unfold. This blog began in March 2015 and there have been 135 blog posts since it started. After the Resin Car Works website was set up, Frank wanted to launch a blog. He wanted to share his modeling and layout work, in addition to updates on new resin freight car kits. That’s how it began.

From the outset, Frank wanted this site to be a place where modelers could share information. Here’s a key line from that first blog post.

“The purpose here is to have fun and to share various techniques to help you build resin freight car kits.”

We hope the RCW blog has kept your interest and inspired you to open those boxes and start building kits. The content has gone beyond the basic premise at times but the overall goal is to inspire you to push forward in building your layout.

We thank all of the authors who have submitted material to share. Frank and I could not have produced weekly modeling posts on our own. We look forward to the upcoming year of shared photos and info, along with a few resin kit releases.

Eric Hansmann
RCW blog guy

RPM Meets

If you enjoy reading this blog, we encourage you to attend an upcoming Railroad Prototype Modeler (RPM) meet. Check the RPM calendar to review upcoming event dates and locations. There are events scheduled for nearly every month of the upcoming year in many regions of the US and Canada. The first six months of 2018 are heavy with 14 events ranging from the debut of the Coalfields Railroad RPM in Roanoke, VA, to the long running RPM Valley Forge and Western Prototype Modelers meets.

The annual bash at the beach, Prototype Rails, recently wrapped up with a good buzz from attendees. A major snowstorm along the Atlantic coast from the Carolinas to New England kept some people and vendors from attending, but the clinic presentations were strong.

Later in 2018 the prototype modeling movement celebrates a major milestone with the 25th anniversary of the “Naperville” RPM, which is now known as RPM Chicagoland. Martin Lofton kicked off one of the first of of all prototype modeler meets in 1993. Make your plans to attend an RPM meet this year. Don’t forget to pack up a few models to display!.

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