Workbench Wednesday

George Toman shares his progress on a special HO scale model. Here are his notes.

While attending the 2017 RPM Chicagoland meet I received a mini-kit for a Chicago Great Western 40-foot boxcar. This car had proprietary Pullman-Standard “Carbuilder” corrugated round corner ends that were once available from the late Stan Rydarowicz. The car ends were made special for this min-kit by using new technology to create the masters for this kit. The new semi-scale coupler box parts are also included. These are made to fit the semi-scale Kadee #158 whisker coupler.

I plan on presenting a clinic for constructing my version of this car at the 2018 RPM Chicagoland. In the construction I used General Arrangement Drawings to build the correct underframe and brake layout, and to apply ladders and other hardware components.

The Pullman-Standard “Carbuilder” end and new semi-scale draft gear box have been installed on the model.

A classic three-quarter view of the model ready to be cleaned and painted.

The basic model is an Intermountain 1937 AAR box car kit. The new ends were installed along with a few extra details. The model will have a trust plate installed before heading to the paint shop. It will be lettered for the CGW.

I look forward to the 2018 RPM Chicagoland event. I enjoy attending the great clinics and meeting prototype modelers. I can’t wait to see what this year’s mini-kit will be!

What’s on your workbench?

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  1. Is this mini-kit still available? Will the clinic have access to the mini-kit
    from another provider? What an inspiring job you’ve accomplished.

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