Many of us take time to reflect upon people, work, and events at this time of year. We gather as families to celebrate the relationships we have and the new people that have joined our world. We consider the efforts of our sweat and offer hope for better days ahead in our families and community.

Resin Car Works has had a solid debut year and I have many to thank for their efforts in this fledgling venture. A special holiday thanks goes out to our patterns and casting people, Tom Madden and Aaron Gjermundson, our kit instruction and decal creators, Ken Soroos, Dave Campbell, and Bill Darnaby, our prototype historian Ed Hawkins, the web guy Eric Hansmann, and our blog contributors, Paul Doggett, Charlie Duckworth, Peter Hall, Bill Welch, and Craig Zeni. Many of these people have also helped to guide Resin Car Works with ideas and actions. Frankly, I could not have done this alone and I am thankful for the extra hands. It’s the talent around us all that make this hobby special.

Most of all of course, I thank all the modelers who have bought our kits as your purchase reinforces our work to produce models of interesting railroad prototypes. I hope some of you will share your kit progress so we can post it here on the blog.

The first snow has fallen here at the Hodina ranch, a sure signal to move hobby projects along on the layout and for Resin Car Works. We have many hopes and dreams for the months ahead but for now we are thankful for our families and friends. Enjoy a festive Thanksgiving!




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  1. Frank, I’m curious — what is the story on those C&IW gondolas? I live in Illinois and have seen so many photos of the C&IM 70 ton gons and am curious how you modeled them.

    Rick Woods

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