Resin Car Works update

Frank Hodina wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support of Resin Car Works. The SFRD reefer kit sales have been brisk. Actually we only have enough decals for about ten more cars.

We need to remind customers of a couple points about the company that are noted on our website.

  • All kits will be run in limited batches. Additional limited batches of specific kits may be run as demand warrants.
  • All kits will contain custom parts; resin castings, decals, any special parts like photo-etchings, brake parts and instructions. These parts are supplied by small garage operations and arrive in batches for kit packaging. Staggered arrival of kit parts could delay filling orders for several months before everything is on hand.

A number of email inquiries have arrived concerning recent orders. We understand your concerns over delayed shipments but we do not necessarily have all parts on hand at all times. This is noted in the second bullet item above. Additionally, both of our resin casters have been unable to supply castings recently due to family issues. Castings are starting to flow again so with luck orders should be filled in the next few weeks.

We remind you that Resin Car Works is not a business in the traditional sense. Its purpose is to share my interest in prototype railroad freight cars and their operations with you to provide unique and different equipment that isn’t readily available. A few friends assist with various production phases, so it’s not quite a one-man operation. Rather, Resin Car Works is more of a consortium of prototype modelers working towards the final product.

Your patience is appreciated as we work through these issues. As always, your checks won’t be cashed until your order is shipped. We enjoy producing these resin kits but continual email inquiries on orders put a crimp on our efforts to solidify our production chain and develop new kits.

Unavailable Kits

As our kits move out of production, the details are removed from the Kits page on the RCW website. The kit information can still be accessed to an archive page that is linked to the Kits page. The Kits Not Currently Available archive page has links to each of the kit Release Info pages and Extras pages so modelers can access the photo, data, and instruction files to build the kits. Please keep this in mind as you begin building a Resin Car Works.

Thanks again for your support of Resin Car Works.

– Frank Hodina

4 thoughts on “Resin Car Works update

  1. I’m interested in the ATSF Tk-J, etc. class tank cars I understand you are developing from Tom Madden’s castings. Thanks

    1. This tank car project is news to these ears. It’s not among the next six projects that I am aware of. We shall see what comes down the right-of-way. – Eric

  2. Hi,
    If you run the UTLX tank car (kit#7.01) again could you please let me know. I would like two. Or do you know anyone that might have any for sale???
    thank you les zody

    1. Les, New RCW kits are announced here first. I see you subscribed to the blog so you will receive notice for each new blog post. Thanks for your interest in Resin Car Works! – Eric

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