RCW Soo and DSS&A box car kit update

The response to our latest kit has been overwhelming and is now sold out. Resin Car Works had a limited parts supply for these special square-corner box car kits and we are uncertain when additional parts will be available. We can no longer fulfill orders for the Soo Line/DSS&A, P-S square-corner box car kits. Checks will be returned for orders that arrived after these sold out.

We thank you for supporting Resin Car Works. The Illinois Central hoppers have sold very well. One acid tank car kit is sold out and the others are currently unavailable as we await a parts supply. Our Scenery Stuff boiler loads and grain bins are in good supply and ready to ship. Please visit our website for ordering details.

We have more great kits in the works, one of which we hope to debut at the RPM Chicagoland meet. Thanks again for your support.

Frank Hodina

2 thoughts on “RCW Soo and DSS&A box car kit update

  1. Your IC hopper with molded on grabs is a winner! I assembled it in a third of the time it took to build the Sunshine version of a few years back.

    Still working on the excellent acid tank car. It’s a complex model but the resin parts are great and fit perfectly.

    I wouldn’t mind having a C&IW /C&IM gondola kit. Am collecting and building unique coal cars and, like the Virginian’s battleships, the C&IM gon is a “one road only” car designed for a specific purpose.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Ryan, we are glad you enjoy building the RCW kits. We look forward to seeing photos of your work! – Eric

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