New UTLX 6.5K gallon tank car kit

Resin Car Works has released a new resin freight car kit for a 6,500 gallon capacity UTLX tank car. This new kit is an update of a Sunshine Models kit produced in 2003 from Frank Hodina’s masters.

The Union Tank Line added 2,000 tank cars following this design in 1937. The prototype underframe for these cars differed from the original 1917 car production. A version with the 1917 underframe is also in the works.

In the years since the Sunshine Models kit release, we have learned more about UTLX equipment. One correction from the original kit concerned the dome, which was too large in diameter. The decal set has also been updated to include more numbers and details.

The new RCW kit consists of a resin tank body and underframe and includes a number of detail parts to build a fine model.

The kit originally debuted at the St. Louis RPM. More parts have arrived and kits are ready to ship. Prototype details and instruction PDF files can be found on the kit Extras page.

Also new is an HO scale chalk marks decal set. The set is $4 and only available with a kit order.

Visit the Resin Car Works Kits page for details and ordering information. We do not take kit orders via email. Please print out and complete the PDF order form on our website and send it in with your payment and shipping details. Please note the specific kit you need on your order.

Kits are now shipping via Priority Mail. Checks are not cashed until your kit order is mailed.

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  1. This car looks great, but just before my modeling era though the 1980 ORER does list a few still on the roster. Hopefully X-5s will be reworked and released also.


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