New Resin Car Works kits

The Resin Car Works minions have been busy prepping parts and stuffing boxes for two new kits! These will be available at RPM Chicagoland, October 25 & 26. Details will be posted on the website shortly after the event when additional parts arrive to satisfy the mail orders.

Frank has been busy packing boxes so completed model photos aren’t available yet. Here are the prototype photos and kit details for the new releases.

Pullman-Standard photo, SLHTS Archives collection

A SOO 50-foot, steel-sheathed automobile boxcar with centered double-doors is the latest all new kit. Parts include special Plano Model Products etched metal ladders, laser-cut wood running boards, Yarmouth Model Works etched metal details, Klasing brake wheels and housings, correct Tahoe Model Works trucks, and Microscale decals. These kits will be $70 each.

Richard Hendrickson collection

The other kit is a reworked and updated Sunshine Models release of an AT&SF Whalebelly 50-foot automobile boxcar with Dreadnaught ends. Charlie Slater did the original masters for the castings. The kit will include Tahoe Model Works Andrews trucks and new Microscale decals. These will be $55 each.

We will also have a pre-production model to see at the RPM. It’s going to be released once all the parts are available to pack the kits. Availability of all the new kits will be announced here on the blog and details posted to the website. We will see you at RPM Chicagoland!

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  1. Thanks for the up-date and announcement of the two Fifty Foot SOO
    Line and AT&SF Boxcars. They look real nice. I wish you the best in you sales of these kits.
    Richard Young.

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