New RCW mini-kit

Resin Car Works has issued a mini-kit for AT&SF Fe-22/23 class, 50-foot, rebuilt automobile box cars. The parts can be used to transform a plastic LifeLike/Walthers Proto 2000 50-foot automobile box car with end doors to reflect the Santa Fe prototypes.

Two different decal versions are available. One set has the Santa Fe Map for one side of the car and the Scout slogan for the opposite car side. The other decal set features the Ship-n-Travel slogan. Tahoe Model Works Dalman truck sideframes with lateral motion devises are included in the mini-kit.

Visit the Kits page of the Resin Car Works site for more details and ordering information.

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12 thoughts on “New RCW mini-kit

  1. The P2K kit has an end door?? I thought they were Fe-24s with regular 5-5 ends. Where do I get an end door?

    1. P2K did do an end door box just after they did the first run of the 50’ auto box cars with 5/5 ends. Walthers even reran it in “Timesaver” partially assembled. To find one it’s just like any other out of production kits. You have to go digging at train shows, friend’s stash, hobby shops with new old stock (my favorite) or eBay. There’s several on eBay now, 6 for under $20 including shipping.

  2. It looks to me that you replace the end door with the end provided. I just tried to order the Klasing ratchet hand brakes and on the Shapeways site it says not for sale?

    1. Fred, the door casting with the mini-kit replaces the A-end. It’s an older Dreadnaught design as these were rebuilds. Ane I have Frank looking into the Klasing ratchet hand brake issue. – Eric H.

  3. Yeah! I need a Fe-23. Until now there was a few photos, a plan to stop at the Oklahoma RR museum where there is one when I’m in the area and a P2K end door box kit waiting for some day. A Fe-23 appeared on Monon train 57 on Dec 16, 1964. I’m trying to model all 26 cars of the train as it departed Michigan City for Lafayette IN.

    1. James, click on the link for Resin Car Works. Cost is among the mini-kit details on that web page. – Eric H.

    1. Paul, I don’t think there were alterations to the end doors. I’ll bug Frank for a photo to post on the mini-kit extras page. – Eric H.

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