New Equipco brake wheel parts

Resin Car Works has a new HO scale detail part available. Distinctive Equipco hand brake wheels and gearboxes were used on many freight cars from the 1930s and into the 1960s. The parts are 3D prints from Shapeways, printed with the Fine Ultimate Detail material otherwise known as FUD.

We thank Gene Green for his expertise and access to his archive. These parts could not have been produced without his assistance. The brake wheel part follows a late 1930s Equipco design. This is the only Equipco version Resin Car Works is producing at this time.

Please visit the Resin Car Works Decals & Parts web page for more details.

Please note these Equipco brake wheel parts will be made as orders arrive. Delivery to your door may be delayed.

3 thoughts on “New Equipco brake wheel parts

  1. Hi,

    Nice work, I have done an S Scale B&O brake wheel in the “smoothest Fine Detail Plastic” (was called frosted extreme detail, FXD if I recall). To make Shapeways happy, I had to fatten up the wheel’s details to allow Shapeways customers to buy it. I suppose Shapeways insists you use print-it-anyway for the fine detail you have? Nice you can sell this through your own store.

    All the best,
    Charles Sloane

    PS, funny how Shapeways calls print-it-anyway PITA… 🙂

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