2024 RCW update

Wabasso Beach, FL, Google Street View

Our head honcho, Frank Hodina, is due back soon from winterizing in the Sunshine State. He will be banding the minions together to restart the Resin Car Works apparatus.

First up will be rereleasing some of the kits that were available at the October RPM Naperville event. There might be a surprise new release just ahead, too. Announcements will be posted here first!

In other news, we have planted a flag on planet Facebook. The Resin Car Works Facebook page has been percolating under the radar for months and it’s time to let everyone know about it. The prototype railroad modeling communities and historical societies have been growing on that platform for quite some time. No matter what you think of Facebook, there is a wealth of hobby information shared on many groups and pages.

RPM news

Several Railroad Prototype Modeler (RPM) events have been added to the RPM Calendar. Frankly, it is stacked with almost twenty events from coast to coast and north of the border from now until the end of 2024. Make your plans to attend one or two of these RPMs. No matter the size, there will be fascinating presentations, wonderful models on display, and prototype modelers to meet. If you can’t attend an RPM, another Hindsight 20/20 virtual RPM is just ahead on the calendar. The date and registration will be announced very soon.

Lastly, Lester Breuers’ latest blog post features the Wabash mini-kit parts that were given to the first hundred 2024 RPM Naperville registrants. Lester combines his techniques and George Toman’s methods in one blog post to update an HO scale Tichy box car kit with the mini-kit resin parts. It’s a great tutorial and we hope it inspires modelers to use those mini-kits!

That’s all from the Resin Car Works newsroom.

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3 thoughts on “2024 RCW update

  1. Thank You for mentioning my blog post regrading Georges’s and my build of Wabash 82144 using the Resin Car Works mini-kit provided at 2024 Chicagoland. Definitely appreciated.

  2. I am just finishing up my Wabash car and found it an enjoyable project. My one criticism is that the decal set omitted the reporting marks for the car end. That used to be a common problem with entry level cars but I was surprised to see it on an advanced kit. Fortunately I was able to buy a Champ set on Ebay.

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