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Frank’s Models, pt 2

Resin Car Works Chief Frank Hodina returns with part two of his recent trackside photography. Here are his model notes. Click on any image here to review a larger size.

This is a continuation of an earlier post featuring some of my HO scale fleet on a sceniced portion of the layout. These were taken under LED lighting rated at 6500 Kelvin. We lead off this post with Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic 17016, which was a limited run Resin Car Works kitbash kit featuring an Intermountain car body, extra resin and etched metal details, and decals.

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Sunshine Models PFE R-40-18 Reefer


Lester Breuer is back with another completed freight car model. Here’s his latest.

After sharing my Sunshine Models CB&Q box car build on this blog (for which Frank Hodina did the masters), I thought I would build a refrigerator car. From my inventory of kits, I chose this Sunshine Models Pacific Fruit Express R-40-18 refrigerator. Frank also created the masters for this kit.

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